About us


The Sudbury Summer Art Show (now Fair) was started in 2010 by Sally Freer as an opportunity for artists to exhibit during the summer, every second year in between its biennial sister exhibition 'Visions of Sudbury'. When Sally Freer moved on to take a more active role in the Suffolk Craft Society, Robin Drury took over, with support from the Sudbury Society. In 2014 and 2016 I joined him as joint organiser and we put on some great art shows.

In 2016 the decision was made to change the name to The Sudbury Summer Art Fair in acknowledgement of the huge wealth of artists and crafts people shown at the event. In 2017 Visions of Sudbury did not happen, there was a feeling that it had run its course, and the Sudbury Society no longer wished to support it.

Robin had run a fantastic art fair in 2016, but did not wish to continue, having many other projects of interest, and wanting to travel and paint more. I was faced with the decision, to let the art fair disappear, or to take it on and run it myself as sole organiser. I decided I really didn't want to see it end, and was excited about being able to make my own changes. I decided not only to take it on, but to try and make it an even bigger event. I will not be doing all the work myself, as I have help from my incredibly capable and hard working studio assistant Amanda Graham. Together we are committed to making this an amazing event for artists and visitors.

So in 2018 the art fair returns, with a new website, even more amazing professional artists and a fresh new logo. Business sponsorship will be sought, and links forged with local schools. The Sudbury Summer Art Fair will now be a yearly event, and we look forward to welcoming all visitors from both Sudbury and further afield.

Michele Webber